Merge multiple midi tracks?

Hi Guys,

Just received a midi file that seemingly has a different midi track for each part…I need a way to quickly merge these together…anyone got any ideas?



As the name implies: “Merge MIDI in loop”, or simply use the glue tool…?

You can use Bounce MIDI as well.

Hi Guys,

Well, it would be daft of me to not have tried those before I popped the question, wouldn’t it? :slight_smile:

-Merge midi in loop merges everything…I haven’t been able to just select a few tracks, and just merge the midi parts on those tracks…it seems to take everything into account unless I’m doing it wrong?

-Glue tool only works with parts on the same track…as in my original post, each part is on a different track…

-Bounce midi, again, wants all the parts seemingly on the same track…

I’m really surprised there isn’t a function that simply takes a bunch of selected midi tracks and merges them…

Currently looking at writing a macro and a project logical editor preset…

Solo the track(s), and, if necessary, Mute any unwanted Parts on them.


Mute the tracks you don´t want to merge / Solo the tracks you want to merge…? Seems the same amount of “work” it takes, to select different tracks. (IMHO)

Move all parts to one track