Merge pedal suggestion


A small simple suggestion concerning pedal merging. Would it be possible that when merging pedals, Dorico would automatically replace new “Ped.” markings with retakes?

For example, when I merge those pedals:

99.95% of the time, I want to get this (with retake)

and not this (continuous) which Dorico does by default:

It would be just so much more intuitive and save us the work of going after it and adding all retakes manually.

I don’t know what’s the opinion of others around, but I feel that it would be much less annoying to have to remove the unwanted retake once in a while, than to have to constantly add required retakes.

I agree this would be nice, and I’ll make a note of it.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:.

Hello, small bump on this, one year later I wonder if it’s still noted down the pipeline… I’m composing a lot for piano, and this little tweak would be really nice to have someday.