merge regions/events with a key command??

I’m new to cubase and am just learning.
I’ve searched the forum regarding my issue, but I can’t comprehend this…

I’m desperately searching for a way to merge regions, mostly midi, via key command.

Pro Tools calls it “Consolidate Regions”.
I think Logic calls it “Merge Regions”.

It it really possible that the only way to do this in cubase is to select the regions, then click the glue tool, then glue it, then click back to the cursor??

Please help. Thank you.

In fact, that command does not exist in Cubase. Glue tool is the only way. It would be a nice command to have.

Use “bounce MIDI”. It will merge all the selected midi parts to one part.

Of course. What a brainf*rt. :blush:

Bounce MIDI seems to only work with selected parts on one track, if I select multiple parts over multiple tracks it is grayed out. Is this the case for anyone else? With the glue tool you can select all of your midi events over multiple tracks and they all glue together track by track.