Merge several Project Files to ONE?

hey folks,
I have like 20-25 project files, each containing one solo piano piece.
I wanna merge them into a book, so the page numbers appear in series…
Also I’d want the first piece/page number to start from around 4, because the book will have a couple of pages beforehand (table of contents etc,)
What’s the best/easiest way to do this? Thanks for any help!

You can import the flows of each project file into the first one.

If they are all in same folder, you can select them all in one go.

Oh of course! I didn’t think about this! yes, they are in the same folder. I wonder though how do I change page number (so the first page starts with a number other than 1?) in order to export, and fit into a larger collection of pages

You import the FLOWS; not the Layout. In other words, they behave according to the Layout Options in the receiving document.


Genius! I’ll try that, thanks