Merge Stereo and Mono tracks.

I hate having to send a single Mono track into a Stereo Group just so I can apply a stereo effect to it. It’d be cool to not have to worry about creating the “right kind” of track when creating new ones. Either by having a mono/stereo toggle switch, like in Sonar, or audio tracks just being “smart” like in Ableton Live.

You can create a stereo track for ALL your tracks.(mono, stereo). Simply assign a mono input, the waveform will be mono and you can use mono plugins. Now you can also put a mono to stereo plugin somewhere in the chain, and stereo plugins after that.

Is that a new thing in 8? I don’t recall being able to assign mono inputs to stereo channels, I’ll have to try it again.
That said, assuming you are able to do so, I’d say that it’s then a good reason to get rid of the difference between mono/stereo tracks.

Nope. Wasn’t aware of this before, as it frustrated me in the past. But I just checked and it works in 7.5.3. You have to create a mono input in VST Connections first — eg on my MBP with built in stereo interface, it defaults to having one stereo input and one stereo output.

(It would be better if you could just select the L or R from the existing stereo input, instead of having to create a separate mono one using the same physical connection…)

Bue yeah… I’m struggling to see the value of mono tracks now, except for when exporting multitracks (avoids unnecessarily large files).

Thanks! That explains why I couldn’t see/do it before.