Merge Tracks (Not bounce or export)

In Cubase 10, is it possible to merge two AUDIO TRACKS to just one new track?
I want to merge two different tracks (for example TRACK 4 and TRACK 5) to empty track (TRACK 6 or any available track)

Can I do this without exporting the tracks first or bouncing them? If so, please explain how this can be done.

Thanks! :smiley:

Hi and welcome,

Are the events of both tracks overlapping? If yes, then this is not possible. If not, then you can just drag and drop the Audio events from one track to the other one.

Thanks for the details. This would be a good feature to add to Cubase.

Im sure there are others who would love this “concept”.

BTW, thanks for your reply Martin! :smiley:

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So would you like to use overlapping Audio? I’m quite sure this will never ever work in Cubase. Cubase is based on not-overlapping audio. This is one of the main principle.

The answer is easy: overlapped audio could be expanded to lane view and comped (at least after having used the command “clean up lanes” on the new track (Track 6 in the example). Useful if some recorded similar audio was sent from another partner as wave files to be comped.

So: +1 for getting this new feature.

Glue all parts together on each track. Select both parts> Render In Place. Select option Merge as one event (maybe different wording, I’m not in front on Cubase right now). Job done.

Yep, this is the right answer.