Merge two projects into one?

Does anyone know what would happen if I merged two project folders…ie, move a newer project into an older folder of the same project…in effect, updating the old folder, would the various files and the cpr file overwrite the old stuff? or would I end up with a mess? basically what I want to do is merge one back up folder load of projects with another…is it doable please? :slight_smile:

cheers, Kevin :slight_smile:


I would recommend to use the Import tracks from Project function to merge two projects.

Hi Martin, I probably did not explain myself properly…

My back up folders have become unmanageble…I have a back up folder from last year with loads of projects, I have a back up folder from 6 months a go with loads of projects and another more recent one also with loads of projects, all the projects are the same except they are in different stages of completion…I would like to be able to just copy one back up folder that contains lots of back ups…to another folder that contains lots of back ups…so I end up with one back up folder with all back ups…which I would then back up…and everything would be much more tidy, is this possible?
would a more recent file replace an older file or would it be placed beside it?
I’m in this situation because I never got into backing up prperly and have learned a lesson that being untidy on your puter is stupid and leads to problems…but trying to sort it out now…

thanks for looking in Martin… :slight_smile:


OK, I think I got it.

Do you Audio or jist MIDI/Instruments? If you use Audio, do you use any destructive changes in your projects? Did you ever change the original file(s)?

If not, then you can “pack” everything to the one folder. If you use Audio and you do some changes on the source files, then I wouldn’t risk it myself.

OK thanks…not gonna risk it then…gotta lot of work to do to get everything tidy… :cry:

Not sure I understand…doesn’t the later version of the backup already contain everything that is in the earlier backup?

In which case just backup the latest and delete the others?

good point, I’m just in such a mess and I have a heck of a lo of project folders, was hoping for some quick magic way but looks like I’ll have to go through them one by one and compare the dates…

I think the File/Backup function in Cubase is misleadingly named. I only use it to create a brand new Project out of an existing Project. For backing up my Projects I rely on a standard Windows backup utility. I use EaseUS Todo Backup - which is free (for basic features, all I need) and super easy to setup. Free version will even clone OS disk.

If you are trying to just get rid of all the old versions in multiple folders you can still merge the folders without risk. Just do it by copying & not moving. Then you’ll still have the originals if needed. First copy folder A to a new location. Then copy the contents of folder B (and its sub-folders) into the copy of folder A. Go in and sort by date and delete the older stuff. If you need to filter by project names, use Windows Explorer’s search function. Once everything is cleaned up to your satisfaction you can delete the old messy folders - after backing up in Windows of course.

Thank you for the help, I will give easeUS a look also… :slight_smile: