(merged) Cubase Hub Not Loading News

The Cubase 10 Pro Hub is not loading news. This has been happening since yesterday.

I changed my Windows user account from Standard User to Administrator yesterday. I don’t know if that was a factor.

Cubase 10.0.30, Windows 10 updated to current version.


Same problem here but I’m on mac

Yep – same here. The Hub is hardly mission-critical, but it’s nice to stay ‘in-the-loop’.

Ich habe seit gestern das gleiche Problem, die “News” werden nicht geladen !!!

I am also having a problem with the “Hub”. Mac.

I’ve been having the same problem as well - for about the past four days. Cubase 10 on Windows 10.

There’s another thread on this that was closed back in April.

I’m having exactly the same problem - and trashing Preferences doesn’t help. Any other ideas as to how to solve this?


ETA: Apologies - I missed the other thread. For what it’s worth, Dorico’'s News etc. is working perfectly in its hub.

Hi, no worries.

Updating the eLC should solve this.

Kind regards

Thanks Fabio - that works perfectly.

Much appreciated.

Yep same for me on Mac-many thanks

It worked perfectly for me too on Windows 10, Cubase Pro 10.

Once it was working, I found out about update 10.0.40.