Merged Multi-Lane Display is shifted?

I don’t know if this is a bug or it was done on purpose, but it confused at some point although it is not a big deal.
The merged display shows shifted paterns that would look like half-step up, but they are actually the same note.
This might not make using merged lanes view usefull while working with drums.
That is all.
Cubase Bug.png

If memory serves, it’s by design, as mentioned by a Steinberg developer in one of the forum threads. It has something to do with recalculating the part image on the fly as a result of editing or something. The whole issue seemed strange to me though, as I can’t recall anything like this in the previous versions of Cubase.

Thanks for the reply.
Yeap, I don’t remember previous versions having this visual shift, so I just thought I’d let Steinberg know.
I tried out a GM Map for Drums. One lane with just one Bass Drum note, and the other with a whole range of drums.
It might not be very useful to view merged lanes if they are not precise. Also it is not really a half step and Cubase just tries to fit the notes of every lane so the all appear in the merged lane but independently of each other.

Anyways, at least now I know. =D

Regarding “Attachments Cubase Bug.png”.
Could you send me the cpr where that midi event is in or attach it to one of your posts?


Sure! Should I post it here or something?
I’ll make a copy of the project and strip it down to the sequence if I can.

Ok, thanks.


Here it is, made from scratch
Also, I added 2 versions of the bass, because if you double click the merged lanes, it only shows Bass 2 in both versiones, which is weird so I think it might be a bug since this is not a problem with the Drums track.
I mention this because I’d expect that double clicking on a merged lane would bring up both parts as merged, but it may be an option in the preferences panel that I don’t know of.
Merged_Lanes.cpr (74.3 KB)

If you increase the length of your notes on the bass event, make them legato, you will still be able to see that there are several notes on another lane with the same pitch because of this tiny display offset on the height axis.
To me this seems to be an advantage compared to a congruent overlay.
Don’t you agree?


Sure do. Thats why in the beginning I had asked if it was done on purpose or not. I’ve never had an instance in which it was usefull or not until I started using lanes for separate drum elements. That was when I noticed it and it was just to let you know.