Merging 2 projects

Hi, I am looking for advise on how to merge two projects into one. I did a search and came up with a thread but it was very old (version 5).


Seen there is an *.omf format?

No omf seems to be an audio only. Tried track exporting which may work for one track at a time but I really want to merge a whole project

Export Track archive will do most stuff as a batch…audio, groups, instrument tracks, midi, fx.
EDIT: To clarify you export as “selected tracks” but import as “track archive”.

If you have instruments in the rack rather than as instrument tracks there is no easy way to copy them over so you’ll have to insert these manually. Save a preset if you did any editing.

You’ll probably also need to reassign routing to groups, send levels to fx tracks etc, but at least you can get all the audio & midi data in place with any insert fx & levels as they were plus any groups you were using.

I would kill for a Session Import feature like what Pro Tools has. If Nuendo had it, that would be reason alone to upgrade but I’m not sure if it’s any different from Cubase. I’m piloting the N5.5 demo right now, but haven’t explored it much yet.

Routings will be correct with a track archive import as long as the tracks exist at that point, either by being part of the track archive or already being in the session.

For instrument rack outputs I like to disable the actual output and rather use the last send to route to a group. These, unlike the output, get carried over when copying mixer settings (at least by regular copy/paste in the mixer), which is the only workaround for moving them to another session.

Good tip about using sends thanks I will try that.