Merging Backing Tracks

I’m trying to segue Good Things with Tainted Love.

I want to use the drums of Good Thing with, for example, the bass of Tainted Love. Both slightly different tempos and both with the slight drift of timing.

Anyway to tag the drums in Good Thing and map the timing of the bass to it?


don’t know how much of the following be done in Cubase 10 already.

Here is what I did in my last remix/bootleg project:
Create a tempo map for the first song and write the tempo definition into the file.
Delete the tempo map and create a new tempo map for the second song. Again write the tempo definition into the file.
Afterwards you put the events of both songs on ‘musical mode’ and you’re good to go.

Dom’s video explains the details, not for remixing but the same principle applies. Just where he writes the definition to the project I chose to write them into the files, no big deal though: