Merging Hapi spitting on AD into Wavelab

Recently my Hapi converter via Ravenna started to spit on the AD side into Wavelab. This is not happening when going into Pyramix. I also noticed that whne wavelab is open, it is reading the correct ASIO driver (Merging Ravenna), but all values are 0. This was not the case just a little while ago, bu it just started to happen. I am checking if an update occurred but I have them on pause. I’m running a Windows 10 machine. Anyone using the merging Hapi converters with Wavelab experiencing this problem?

Here is a visual of the dropout when recording 1kHz.
Any help here?
WL dropout.png

Figured it out. Buffer size.
I had to do a complete clean install of Merging drivers, including the MergingRavennaASIO. This defaults to 64 sample buffer. Increasing to 128 or higher stopped dropouts. Forgot that I had to do this years ago when I set this system up originally.