Merging note duration and play duration

I’ve imported a midi file from cubase. When I import into Dorico the note lenghts are wrong. But the duration of the played notes are correct.

The piece is very rhythmically conform and quantized 100%, so I fail to see why it’s changing the notes like this. (I have experimented with import settings).

How can I make note duration the same as played duration without manually changing the hundreds on notes manually?

Welcome to the forum, WoknRoll. Could you zip up and attach the MIDI file you’re importing and the resulting Dorico project so we can take a look?

You should find that Edit > Requantize allows you to change how the music is notated, and that Play > Reset Playback Overrides makes the music sound exactly as it’s written, i.e. removing any variations in timing resulting from the MIDI performance.