Merging Notes in Dorico Elements


I’m entirely new to Dorico (specifically Dorico Elements 2), having used another program for a few years, and have some problems merging two notes, i.e., merge the same notes representing the first and second voice for classical guitar.

Attachment No. 1 shows how Dorico shows the notes, attachment No. 2 is how it should be.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Dorico (2).PNG
Dorico (1).PNG

Attachment 2?

2nd screenshot didn’t post. Do you want them to line up horizontally so their noteheads overlap? If so, I don’t believe this is possible in Elements.

If this is what you want to do, you’d need Pro (which is what I usually recommend to prospective users anyways).

Sorry about the 2nd attachment - it’s been uploaded now.

Yes, I don’t believe you’re able to do this in Elements. Sorry!

That’s really too bad. This piece of music happens to come from the very first exercise that I used when starting to play the classical guitar. Dorico Pro, I’m afraid, is much more than I would need.

But thanks for your reply all the same.

Well, clearly not. :wink: You need engraving options here, which Pro provides.

It’s not a vastly different program by any means. You just have more control. This thread is proof of that!

:wink:. I’ll give it some thought.

Luc, the attached project has the two notation options that are not available in Dorico Elements to allow dotted and non-dotted noteheads to be superimposed set. Try doing File > Import > Flow into this project to bring your exercise into this file, and you should find it looks as you want it to. (236 KB)