Merging Parts for Piano

The two hands of this piano draft were imported as two separate “parts”, and it’s tricky to combine them back into one part that contains a left hand and right hand. This is the best I’ve gotten, how do you combine two parts into one?

Select the first note of the top staff of Piano 2.
Edit > Select to end of flow.
Copy and paste into the bottom staff of Piano 1.
Check to make sure you haven’t lost any dynamics, etc from the Piano 2 part.
Finally in Setup mode, delete the Piano 2 instrument from the Player.

You can also look at a new feature in 1.1:

  • Make sure you have a correct piano set up (‘change instrument’ or create a new one)
  • Select and copy or cut whatever you want to put into a single voice on your piano, this can contain multiple voice from different staves, and will also take care of dynamics.
  • Edit menu / Paste Into Voice