Merging Projects

Hello :smiley:

Is there a new merge option in cubase 7, for merging two projects?
Or if not, does someone want to share the best way to do so?

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There’s not a Merge Projects function, you would use Export and Import Track Archive. But if you are not already familiar with it look in the manual (p. 696) there are limitations. (does not include tempo track or score layouts, and other stuff.)

Hey Steve,

Not familiar with the import/export track archive option. Opening the manual right away, thanks for replying!!



There is a way to do this. Here’s how I did it… Open the 2 projects in question. Use your mouse to “select” all the files from 1 project …in your project window… Now hit the copy function from the edit menu (top left of your screen. Now minimize this project, go to your other project and on your project window, select the last track on the bottom of your screen and now go to your edit menu and hit “paste” voilà! …it should now be combined and all your timing from your tracks should also line up too. Let me know how you make out…