Merging several projects


I’m doing prerecorded tracks and practice tracks for a stage production. I have 38 songs or cues, each in their own projects with their own tempo track, marker track and signature track. The track list is more or less the same from project to project. I will have to bounce a large variety of stems and single tracks after mixing.

Is there an easy way to copy all the projects into one master project to save some mixing time? It would be a significant time-saver to just automate the mix and export all the cycle markers in one go. Delays are synced to the tempo track and I’ll need my markers from the different projects.


What about to use the Import from Project feature? I believe it’s the fastest and easiest way.

That’s a good idea, but I’m not sure it will accomplish what I’m trying to do. I’d like to paste my marker, signature and tempo data at the end of another marker, signature and tempo track, thus laying out all the songs linearly. I can import the audio tracks easily by exporting them with the track number first and importing them at the beginning of the cycle marker.


It can paste the data to the cursor position. So if these tracks are included, you can import the data too.

I tried pasting to cursor position using “Import tracks from project”. When I selected Tempo, Signature and Marker tracks to import to their respective tracks, I couldn’t select “Import to cursor position”. The signature track seemed to be the culprit. Also, no matter what I do, the tempo data is pasted at the start of the tempo track, even when selecting just the tempo track to import. The markers are nowhere to be found either way. Is this a bug or am I missing something?

When I tried to do the same as you (some months ago, C12 Pro), I had the very same problems. I guess Import tracks from project is just some sort of half or not-so-completely-baked feature.

My workaround was to directly select, copy and paste the content of the tempo/signature tracks from old(s) to new project, and then do the Import tracks from project (at cursor position).
I’m not sure if I remember correctly, but I think that for some reason I wasn’t able to copy and paste the marker tracks, so I rebuilt that from scratch (painful…).

I think the Import tracks from project feature should work the same for any tack type, of course.

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Thanks! I’m gonna try that when I get home this evening.

My man! I tried this and I can actually paste from both Tempo, Signature and even Marker tracks as long as I don’t use the Import function, but paste directly from the other projects. This makes it fairly efficient to do by first selecting the Tempo track, Shift+A (Select all on track) and pasting to the new position in my master project, then repeating for the Signature and Marker tracks. Thanks a bunch!

Except that the last tempo marker in every project is wrong. Now that I know about it I can fix it manually, but surely this has to be a bug? The marker is in the right place, but will have the wrong value.

If you don’t mind, could you create a new topic with the “issue” tag describing the problem? It might be helpful for other users and devs might pick up on it.