Merging sounds GA4

Hi Guys,
Okay, saw the chap in the “tips & tricks” video merging a kick drum from Beat Agent with the kick in Acoustic Agent…go on then…give me a clue??? What am I missing here? I can’t get the two kicks to fire at the same time from a midi pattern or the keyboard. :neutral_face:

Hello Gannet… I guess you are speaking about from 4:25 in Video 1 of Acoustic Agent Tips and Tricks…

Yep, banged my head also trying to figure-out how he did it… But it looks like he had a midi clip in Cubase feeding an Acoustic kit in Slot 1 of GA4… Then load a Beat Agent kit in slot 4 (Or I guess any slot), then change the midi input channel (above the tempo display) to the same channel as the Acoustic Agent in Slot 1 (Channel 1), then you can merge different kit pieces… I guess.

But I know that is not what you want (like me)… We want to have that ‘Auto Complexity’ thing feeding Electro and Hybrid kits in Beat Agent… Right? :imp:

Yeah…damn right RajahP :smiley:

Recalled seeing the “solo” on the kick pad lit in the cold light of day when I was miles from my rig :confused:

Will have another fiddle in a bit but am bushed.
Thanks for the input, much appreciated :wink: