merging tracks

Simple Question, searched but couldnt find an answer to asking here. OK trialing wavelab pro ATM
ignore the italicized stuff, that was my first question, but thinking now its a bit whacked
I have 2 tracks A & B that overlap a bit eg the start of track B is heard when track A tails off

I can go EXPORT → RENDER → UNION OF SELECTED CLIPS, but that creates a single file, I want the 2 separate files, but in A I can hear the start of B. I can also render the tracks separately but then I hear no overlap between the tracks

hmmm thinking about this a bit more (A runs into B ok, fine but then in track B can you also hear A :smiley: ),

OK this is actually an album of 12 songs where some songs run into the next song, perhaps its best to just render a single song i.e. the album is 1 song and then take that song and cut it up into 12 separate parts eg 12 mp3’s, yes? Is this whats typically done?

OK I have this 50 minute song of 12 separate songs how does one typically cut them up, and fill in the meta data?
and how to save it so it plays back as a single piece of music i.e. no gaps between the songs, like in the old CD days where I would play say pink floyd and the CD player would insert a 1 second break of silence between each song :open_mouth:, unlike the vinyl record , even though they were meant to run into each other. Being a programmer of many years I know with mp3’s you can’t get them to line up (due to them having to end on ^8 number of samples, so there will always be a gap) so what does one typically do?

hmmm I hope this makes sense, cheers zed

It’s questions like this that make me wish I had the time and video editing skills to make a series of vidoes to demonstrate things.

If I have some time Monday I’ll try to put together some info, or maybe somebody else will chime in before then.

If you want to control render in/out points, use the option “render regions” (regions being bounded by the markers you choose).

OK thanks I’ve got it now. Heres the steps for those that have the same question in future

  1. Add markers at the start/end of each song
  2. Go File->Export->Render->Multi … (part) All Regions, CD Tracks, click start