Merging two recording projects

Hi all,

I have two separate recording projects from two days of band recordings.

Both projects are the same - 8 tracks in total comprising 6 drums tracks, a guitar track, and a bass track. They are in two entirely separate folders, with the audio stems separate etc. However, now that recording is complete, I want to mix them as a whole. What is the easiest way to combine the two projects so that both days’ takes are one after another, but with all the bass tracks, for example, on the same bass channel?

Thanks, I hope this question is clear enough.

Cubase Artist 8.5 on Windows 10.

Caveat: I use Pro and am assuming that Artist has the functions listed below.

One easy way is to open one project and then use the File>Import>Tracks From Project function.

When you get to the second project’s location, you can pick which tracks to import and whether to copy the data to project 1 , or refer to the data in project 2’s audio folder.

When you import your selected channels, the audio will be on new tracks bvelow the existing project, but you can cut and paste it beyond the audio and then delete the empty tracks. You’ll end up with your eight tracks all in a line.

Finally save with a new name etc. Also keep an awareness of where your data is. It might be worth reading up on the Backup Project option.

Thanks for your response. However, I don’t seem to have the “import from projects” function.

So far, in the actual project file, I’ve selected all of the events from each track, and copy-pasted them into the respective tracks at the end of the first day’s project file. I was then going to ‘Save As’ a new consolidated project, and then try and find a function which would consolidate all of the audio stems. Would this work?

Yes it would work. You don’t need to consolidate stems, although “Bounce Audio” can do it.

To get the whole of the data into one project use Backup Project to create a new folder with all audio, then when’re you’re certain all of your required data is in place, you’d be able to delete the two original folders. Keep a back up at all times, make a copy on another drive - be paranoid! It’ll save you a hassle at some point, especially until you’re sure of what you’re doing.

Also read up on Prepare Archive. This function confirms that your project has all of the required data in the right place. Also read about Empty Trash etc.

Thanks again.

I see the Backup project function, but not Bounce Audio or Prepare Archive. Are they pro only? Where would I find those?

Sorry, it’s Bounce Selection - under the Audio tab.
The Archive functions are under Media