Merging two sessions

Hey all,

I have a client that likes the open of one piece but the landing of another. I’m trying to figure out the easiest way to combine the two sessions. Each has instruments, midi parts as well as audio some that are similar but others that are different and effected differently. I tried a global copy/paste, but that populated pre-existing tracks and didn’t copy over the effects. I tried a track archive, but that didn’t deal with tempo issues.

I guess what I’m asking is, is there a fairly easy way to take ALL the tracks from one project (including effects and tempo) and placing it into another project, later in the time-line (say 15 bars after the first piece ends), with all its channel/effects/eqs/vstis and tempos in tact. Thanks

All the best

I’m sorry, I don’t know. I’d tell you if I did. :slight_smile:


Bummer. You’d think it wouldn’t be too hard. I get this kind of request all the time…Normally a global copy/paste does it, but I’m usually working with vsti’s and midi. With effected audio tracks its harder. I really don’t want to print the tracks and import those, as I want the freedom to effect them in the new session.

Well you can print them and save a track preset so everything in the track is the same when you open the preset to the next session. What I usually do is drag and drop tracks from one window to the other(different projects) and everything is good. If you have the tracks bussed then you have to create a new group. I don’t know an easy way but I always bounced my tracks down then opened them.

this is extremely difficult to do if you’ve used automation, or groups, or rack instruments etc. in fact if you’ve used any of cubase’s advanced track features the only real answer is to copy and paste from a project that is set to inactive to the new project, and then spend hours recreating the elements that you can’t copy.

If cubase elements were relational, it would be easier - I can’t see why when you copy a track, it’s routing, automation and any tracks it’s linked to don’t get copied too. I know that this might be hard for the devs, but it would make our lives so much easier, when doing common tasks like remixing it would be great to pull elements out from the original when you need them.

I should have been clearer too, I’m using Cubase 7 on os x.