Merry Christmas - "Coventry Carol of The Bells"

Again - Merry Christmas. This is a first attempt at a fully symphonic arrangement. It’s all Cubase 7.5. Hope you like it.

An intricate piece and a little bit “Stravinsky” for my taste, also wasn’t what I would call “Christmasy” :slight_smile:

this doesn’t detract from the fact that is a good piece, I admire the skill in making this happen and wish I had it :slight_smile:

I think this piece would be better associated with spring maybe…just my opinion though :slight_smile:

cheers, Kevin

Thanks for your input Kevin.

Interestingly, the rather dark intro is my probable reaction to the fact that the Coventry Carol was written in the mid-1500’s not about Jesus as many people might conclude, but in fact was written regarding King Herod’s killing of all of the children of 2 or younger.

I think my main thought in combining these 2 pieces was mostly their harmonic similarities and their common usage of the “Picardy” third. So in the end I wanted to evolve them from their darker original harmonic structure to a more modern harmonic and rhythmic perspective.

I don’t know if I accomplished that as the composition was force truncated due to time considerations; I started this project about 3 weeks ago, and wanted to challenge myself to see how far I could get.

I suppose none of this matters as the music should speak for itself if it’s good enough.

I have updated the ending of this thing so it makes more sense now and doesn’t sound like the rush job I put up before. :smiley: