Mes Aynak Nears Midnight newer mix

I’ve been generally inactive here in the Lounge (and with new recordings) for much of 2021. Lots going on personally and professionally, which was generally good, but some deep problems with the computer I use with Cubase. Since that has resolved, here’s my first new recording since the early part of the year.
This song was done in Cubase 11 Pro and the softynths I used here are from Halion and Retrologue. Halion is responsible for a lot of the percussion too, along with a very simple pattern played live in Groove Agent. That said, it’s built around the (real) guitars here.
They are a PRS through an Electro Harmonix Ravish Sitar into the Line 6 Helix Native plug-in, and an Ibanez Artcore AG95 into a different Helix patch. The bass is real too. It’s a Sire Marcus Miller 5 String into yet another Line 6 Helix patch.
Mes Aynak is a place in Afghanistan that I’ve recently read about. It’s been settled for thousands of years and was once a center of trade and Buddhist activities. China got interested in Copper deposits there in the last decade or 2, and the Taliban is now back, so its cultural and historical heritage may very well be “nearing midnight”. I’ve tried to make this happier than that sounds. I thought the feel of the song and “loose” groove of the percussion evoked something along the lines of what might’ve once been heard as those in Mes Aynak got together with each other and neared Midnight a millennium or 2 ago.
Thanks for listening, and for any constructive comments you might have. I’ve put the links here for the song in both bandcamp and soundcloud. I think bandcamp sounds a little better, but some people are scared off through believing there’s a download fee (there isn’t-it only kicks in after listening to a track for a 3rd time).
This is now a different mix than what was originally upped, and what a few of the comments below referred to.

Hey John,
This is a smart mix, and i love the song. Great food for thoughts & meditation. In fact, that one fits really well with my own mood today.

I would perhaps lower the “snare” and make it less “high” in frequencies, and push ahead a little bit the other percussions which i really like.
To reflect the story you told us, you might make them more frontline while the melody continue its flow to create a change in line with what has happened there.
Obviously, lot of work!
Thank you.

Thanks for listening, and the kind words. I had already tweaked the percussion, and will probably remix it a bit more. I’m really noticing with this tune in particular how different of a listening experience it can be depending on the speakers it’s heard on. It was really boomy in the bass when I played it in the car today, but it’s great on my headphones. Tough to get it right all around, but I’ll try a few more things.

I’ve remixed this now since the original posting. I hope to have addressed what Stephco brought up and what I noticed myself relative to boomyness in the car.
The bandcamp mix is new too, but a whole new soundcloud upload needed to happen, and that deleted what had been there. This will take you to that new mix.

John, much much better ! i think you add clarity & presence to your percs, thus the melody is even more meaningful. Amazing.