Messa di voce on a barline is spaced oddly since 4.0

The top line is a MdV with the midpoint on the barline, the bottom is two separate hairpins grouped together.
I haven’t been able to find any property or engraving option which realigns them in a reasonable manner.

The same file in Dorico 3.5:

edit: indeed the 4.0 Version History mentions some changes to MdV behaviour to help in tight situations. I can’t see however why that should apply here.

I assume you’ve adjusted the MdV in some way, given it doesn’t look like that by default even in v3.5. Would you be able to attach your project here (or an excerpt from it)?

Here you go. I’ve found out something else: it’s the p at the front which messes things up. When I delete those the MdV aligns as expected.
Bruckner Streichquintett MdV demo.dorico (605.2 KB)

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I think you’re right about it being the initial dynamic that is affecting things - this looks like a bug to me. We’ll take a look.