“messa di voce” symbol - centre on note?

Hello, I am copying some Schumann music.
He uses a lot of little expression marks on notes.
They look like little “messa di voce” symbols.
If I try to use them from Doricos Dynamics Panel, they don’t centre on a note and one can’t adjust this in Engrave Mode.
My wish to the developers: could there be a property tick box to centre/align this symbol with the note head?
Thank you :slight_smile:


Currently you could use a centered and flipped text object with music text and the ‘messa di voce’ smufl symbol. This is far wider than your example, but you could fix that with font stretch 60%. (With font stretch on, Dorico miscalculates the centered position of the text object, but you could compensate that with a negative letter spacing.) The result may not look perfect, you could also make a custom playing technique with your own symbol.

Screenshot 2020-01-25 at 11.30.59.png
mezza di voce.dorico.zip (528 KB)

Alternatively you could enter a < and a > on two grid positions and move them as you want.


Yes Thomas, this has been my workaround so far…


Yes, apart from the mezza di voce. That string quartet was the first melody that came to mind

“Articulation supplement” in smufl contains a properly scaled espressivo mark. Replacing either a stressed or unstressed articulation in the symbols editor does the trick. You may decide to use “natural position” for stress articulations in Engraving Options

Thank you Claude :slight_smile:

Thank you Claude, I updated my usages of the symbol to your workaround.