Message on loading a project re: imminent expiry of 'Funk Essentials'

Hi Folks.
A message box popped up when I opened a project in Cubase 10.5 today. It tells me that ‘Funk Essentials’ is about to expire (3 hours or so). I didn’t realise that this was not a permanent VST set. My problem is that I cannot find anything on Steinberg’s site or on my E-licencer that can let me carry on using the set. Also is this the first of more licences that may expire in days to come?

Regards. Jeff Wraight

It’s in the shop under VST Sound Instrument Sets. You can see which other “demos” or “trials” you have installed by opening the eLicense Control Center. It should list all licenses including trials.

Hi Jaslan,

Thanks for getting back to me.

The thing I don’t understand is that I am pretty certain I purchased the ‘Funk Essentials’ pack ages ago. I use the latest version of ‘Groove Agent’ (I keep Cubase, Wavelab, Dorico & Groove Agent all up to date).

I have investigated further and I am getting more pop ups for ‘Jazz Essentials’ and ‘Blues Essentials’ which I certainly do remember purchasing.

Other packages that I have - the 2 Simon Phillips Rock & Jazz Drums are fine.

The E Licence control panel just lists the two Simon Phillips sets plus all my other Cubase, Dorico Wablab stuff.

I think maybe I should open a case with Steinberg on this!

KInd regards


Well there we go.

What a silly Billy. I hadn’t downloaded the licences!! Fortunately I keep all the Steinberg emails and I have just gone back through them and found the Activation Codes.

Sorry to have been a pain. All this tech starts getting harder when you’re not far off of 70!

Best wishes to all who stumbled across this.


Glad you got it sorted. It’s a good thing you saved those Activation Codes.

Cheers Jaslan!