Message saying Cubase is already activated

Hi everyone,

I am trying to download and install Cubase. I have used the installer software and it seems that the software has now installed on my Mac. The problem is that when I type in my valid license, there is a message saying that I have already used it and so I cannot start the software.

I can’t see how to contact Steinberg to ask for help. I am just using one computer and have not tried to install the software on any other computer.

Is there a way to get help with this?

Many thanks


Are you sure you haven’t activate it already, please?

You can rise the support ticket in the MySteinberg page.


I am almost 100% certain that I did already activate the code. This is why the software installation process is really frustrating. I can see the software already installed on my Mac, but when I go to open it, I just get this box asking to enter a valid license.

Thanks for the direction - I’ll raise a ticket.


Could you please describe step by step, what you do, when you start Cubase? Is there any dialog asking you something? What do you click to?