Messages about missing iLok from plug-ins appearing on every launch

Every time I start, I have to click through a litany of “no” “no” “no” to dismiss the audio engine from initiating various VSTs because I don’t have my ilok key plugged into this computer, and dorico keeps trying to activate a bunch of VSTs that I use in my DAW but will never use in Dorico. These VSTs show up in the black list, but I still have to dismiss them one-by-one each time I start.

I’m sorry @Romanos , from my perspective this has nothing to do with this thread. Here I wanted to give help on a specific crash situation. I also created this thread, so that we can refer people here, because we all know, most people post their issues, without searching for already existing topics.

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I’ve moved this discussion to a new topic. Perhaps you could attach a set of diagnostics, James, and @Ulf and I can take a look.

Dorico (1.2 MB)

Hi @Romanos , I’ve had a look, but the blacklist for both VST2 and VST3 is empty with you.
And then please note: The initial scanning via scanner app is quite extensive, the plug-in get loaded and several things checked. If a plug-in does not pass this test, it will end on the blacklist and disregarded in the future. However, everytime when Dorico’s audio engine starts it will still load in every plug-in that is not on the blacklist. It won’t do all these tests like during scanning again, but still each plug-in get loaded in once and unloaded again. During this loading then of course also copy protection kicks in and asks for a valid license and if it’s not there…well, you know the litany…
What I want to say is, at the moment we can’t do anything about it. It’s just the way it is.
Well, I’m not sure where this got implemented, but for the new Steinberg licensing we built in some deferred license check in order to avoid such litany. Could be that it is part of the VST3 spec now, but still, every vendor would need to adapt and bring updated plug-ins out. This would take a very long time until the last plug-in vendor followed.
Or we could develop a grey list, where you put plugs that you don’ want to be loaded even if found valid, but this won’t certainly happen in short term
So for the moment, you better follow the litany or you plug in your iLok. Sorry for no better answer to you.

Ulf, that is very strange, because when I look in Dorico’s own menu in preferences, it shows all of those plugins on the blacklist.

@Romanos can you please post a fresh diagnostics report?

Dorico (1.2 MB)
This is where it gets interesting…

This is how it appeared before the last report I posted as well. What I find odd is that some of the ones that are popping up at startup are not on this list (inspirata reverb, for instance) whereas others such as seventh heaven are on this list and do pop up in the litany each time. It is only a small subset of this longer list that prompts me each time. I wonder if there is some weird cached plist somewhere that needs resetting?

Ah, sorry, I got confused myself. No, everything is fine because:
The audio engine puts plug-ins on the blacklist when found “dirty” during scanning.
However, VST2 plug-ins that passed the scanning are still not shown automatically in Dorico but get blocked (not blacklisted), so you have to put them on the whitelist in order to make them actually appear in Dorico. But no matter if blocked or not, at start up the audio engine loads and unloads each plug-in once and therefore the iLok litany.
And the ones that pop up during your the litany and are not on the blocked list are VST3 plug-ins, because VST3s never get blocked (only blacklisted if found “dirty”).
Does this now make sense to you?

That makes sense. (Although it seems unnecessary to load and unload every plug-in, especially when they aren’t desired… but I suppose that’s a discussion for a different day.)

The good news is that 95% of my usage is on my work computer where my ilok key is plugged in, so I imagine this will be a non issue for me most of the time anyway.

Thanks for looking into this!

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