Messed up layout

I would appreciate some information on what I did wrong with this layout, and how to fix it.

Many thanks.Norden - Canon.dorico (1.7 MB)

I checked your file and it looks as though you’ve been doing some concertina drag on your music to fit the space left under the text, but there’s not enough room…
Something like this should work (I’ve changed the music frame manually, but you could change the First master page so that you avoid the overrides). I don’t know what the markings above the last bars should be (or what they mean) so you should probably correct the placement. I’d say using custom playing techniques for these instead of text would have made them move along with the music nicely…
Norden - Canon.dorico (1.7 MB)

Jan, the main thing is the frame is simply too full because of the large set of instructions at the top.

You have also manually overridden all of the staves in an effort to finagle them into place. Every red box means you’ve touched it manually. Once you do this, those particular staves will no longer move unless you move them manually again (or the flow of music before them shifts causing new measures to be in front).

I would suggest kicking one or two staves to the next page. If it absolutely must all be on one page, perhaps you can take the instructions and break them into two columns to give yourself a little bit of vertical height.

I’d delete the empty lyricist and composer text frames from the 1st page master and increase size of the music frame. Add a text frame to the default flow header master (and use that to store your instructions - make it full width and you can increase the font size to 10pt.
Remove all the staff spacing overrides as per @Romanos.
Reduce staff size to 5.5mm
Reduce the size of the flow heading bottom margin to almost nothing
… and you end up with…

Which is quite what I achieved several hours earlier :rofl:

First thank you all for your input. This all happened because as I added new bars, they all piled up on one page and nothing moved to a second page. Up till now that has happened automatically when I’ve been using Dorico. And it’s not clear to me why that happened. All the manual adjustments to the staves were made in order to try to overcome that one problem. The restore overrides button didn’t seem to do anything, and after fiddling around for sometime the score looked much worse and that’s when I asked for help!

Even now in the adjusted file that Mark has very kindly done for me, if I add more bars at the end I still don’t get a second page.

“reduce the size of the the flow heading bottom margin” - I’m not clear about how to do this.

It’s clear to me that I don’t really understand the frames or master page concept, even though I have watched the online tutorials and worked through the Darren Jones book, and read the relevant pages of the manual, but somehow it goes over my head. Perhaps there is an online tutorial that explains it all that I’ve missed.

For the flow heading margins, here are the two pages in the manual:

  1. For changing the default flow heading margins in the layout - here
  2. For changing the flow heading margins on specific pages - here

When it comes to getting familiar with frames and master pages, it’s a cliche but time and experience - and playing with frames/master pages in real-world contexts - really do work wonders. It took me a while to get comfortable, too.

Deactivate the “Wait for next frame break” property.

For mor info see: Making selections into frames

Thanks Rafael.
I can select Frame Break in Write Mode, but the Format box doesn’t show.

The Properties panel at the bottom of the window can be hidden and shown by typing Ctrl+8 (Windows) or Command+8 (macOS).

Since the Framebreak’s signpost and the text are overlapping you may be having problem to select just the signpost, try using shift+alt and clicking to select the signpost.
From the Dorico Help:

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Hi Rafael,

Selecting while pressing Shift/Alt worked. Thank you.
However “Wait for next frame break” was already selected.
I’ve solved the problem by inserting a frame break, and now the new bars/sytems appear on the next page.

Getting the properties panel wasn’t the issue, only getting the specific Format panel. However Rafael’s suggestion below solved that problem. Thanks.