messed up spacing and impossible to hide rests

hey guys,

first I noticed a problem in the spacing, which occurs when you hide rests in empty bars. This is not too much of a problem, when working on the full score, but it becomes one, when working on separate parts. while you can just work it out with leaving the rests and using the color-option of opacity in the full score to avoid the bad spacing, it becomes tricky in the separate part, because even if you insert an empty text in every single part to split up the multi rest, even single bar rests are put in the “multi rest”-category and color settings and opacity are not applying to those…for whatever reason. You can take away the one over the single bar rests in the engraving options but then…well…I have attached a file in which you can try to “hide” the rests in the part. To get there I had to split up the multi rest (which later I noticed is risky because it splits it up in every part!) and I have adjusted the spacing which is not fun either. I also have adjusted the engraving options to not show the 1 over the single rests.
There are some complicated workarounds for now, but it is not pretty. I would very much like to see this issue addressed in one of the next updates/upgrades. (490 KB)

You don’t need to manually hide those bar rests. Have you tried instead unchecking the option to “show rests in empty bars”?

Layout Options—Players—Bar rests.

hmmm…what is it supposed to do? I unchecked it and still see all the rests in the part and don’t see the rests in the score, also in my example I forgot to mention it is strange, that every second bar gets hidden in the part with the alternating time signature…

You may have the wrong layout selected on the right-hand side. That setting is layout-specific.

I had the Horn part selected…well…the only part there is…

Well, the option certainly works as expected. Perhaps it has to do with your time signature. Is it aggregate? I didn’t look at the file you posted.

I took a look. I’m not sure what you did, but it works for me. I’ve attached the file.

I deleted your dynamic mark. (490 KB)

Ah! Now I see what you did, you turned off the multi rests as well. It might help in my small example file but would not be useful for a bigger score where your part (in traditional music especially horn) needs multi rests to save several pages of unnecessary empty bars.
So, thanks, and good function to know, but in my case of a bigger project I would still have to go the complicated route…