Messiaen ...Ties

In the Messiaen’s organ music literature,
the editor Alfonse Leduc - Paris,
use special approach about «ties».

Picture Here:

I have to confess, as organist, that this way to
tie hi density chord or even very long note makes the score lighter and really easiest to read.

Would be nice that Dorico’s team think about the possibility to implement that feature.

Or may be an easiest way like:
Giving the possibility to offset «tie» from both the start or/and the stop.

Thanks paying attention to my comment.



Agreed. I have always found this notation of ties to be quite clear. (Looking at it again I am a little surprised that the third bar needs a cautionary # in the pedal!)


third bar G Sharp is safe…
Just because the chord above where the G become Natural…
…and more, The soprano last note is Natural too…
So, could not be clearer!


I am in favor of this tie style as an option. They are effective because they reduce clutter without adding ambiguity or surprise. As a player, you read ahead far enough not to be fooled into releasing too early. It’s particularly sensible with the French style of reiterating accidentals on tied notes at the beginning of a bar (especially in organ music, of course).

I can’t see the original picture, but if these were so-called “French ties” (that is, the one broken between the starting and final note), add me about the enthusiasts!



I was looking for broken ties today, and could see that this has not been implemented (yet). Has someone invented some new workaround?


The workaround remains the same… Use lv ties and tweak them in Engrave mode.


Would be great to have this as an option. +1

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