Messy windows with Native Instruments plugins in Cubase 12

Is there any update on fixing the issues with Native Instruments plugins in high DPI mode in Cubase 12?

Namely…this isn’t an issue in Ableton, at all. Those windows deal with high DPI absolutely fine. But same plugin in Cubase 12 and it looks an absolute mess. Specifically Raum…neither with the Allow Window to be Resized option on or off.

System: Windows 10 (latest updates), Cubase 12.0.20 build 263, Ryzen 3950X, 64GB. High DPI. 150% scaling.

Please run the Steinberg Download Assistant and download the latest update for your version of Cubase.

That’s been a problem for a long time now, personally I don’t expect it to be improved much, both companies basically say the issues only occur with the other company’s products so it’s their fault.

If you have a dual monitor setup with different scaling you can get rid off the wrong scaling and parts of the window getting cut of by moving the plugin window to the other screen and back.

Also you can after opening a plugin for the first time deactivate and reactivate always on top by right clicking the top of the window, that forces the plugin to redraw wich sorts out any wrong scaling or scrambled display.

I’m afraid there isn’t much more you can do about it at the moment, I really wouldn’t bet on it to be high priority for either of both companies.