Meta Data and audio montage


I have a question regarding meta data and audio montage.

Is it possible to write different meta data in different clips opened in an audio montage?

It seems I can just add 1 set of meta data for all the clips.

What I’m trying to achieve is to have different files in audio montage with their own respective meta data exported all together in different formats.


What differences are you looking to achieve for each clip in the montage?

With my metadata preset, some common fields are shared such as artist name, album title, year but then some things are specific to each CD track and rendered WAV/mp3 file such as song title, ISRC Code, track number/track total.

Maybe you can be a little more clear about what differences you’re looking for and we’ll see if it’s possible.

Yes you can, if you use CD track around clips. A bit of an advanced feature. See:
This allows you to define custom info per CD track. This info is assigned to variables, which can be used in the meta-data fields.

In my opinion, WaveLab is the best DAW for adding metadata to your rendered files without having to do it in an extra step. The way that WaveLab can populate metadata from existing CD-Text and other info in the montage is 2nd to none, plus it can embed artwork.

I can’t think of another DAW that can do all of these things, and so easy.