Meta data question again


I have recorded an album with some scandinavian tunes. I want to program the metadata into the digital files so the titles are in swedish, followed with the english translation right after. Like this:

Låtnamn [songname]

I tried used your preset Justin and it works fine, but what would the best method to get the english subtitle into the title field? I dont want the english titles to show on the CD TEXT. So it wont work to write it in the cd-text fields and then just use your preset. I came up with this way, correct me if this is the wrong way:

-I opened the edit cd meta data window in the cd tab. Then I filled in the english subtitle in the “CD custom data track” “info 1” field. -See pic 1

Then I opened the “metadata-dialog” in the metadata-tab, and entered “@cdtrackinfo1”@ after the "@CdTextTrackTitle@ in the name/title field of the RIFF and CART tab. -See pic 2

However, on the ID3v2 tab, there is a field for “subtitle”, so I entered the @cdtrackinfo1"@ there instead, but that field didnt show up when I rendered to AAC and played it up in window media player/groove music player. - See pic 3 Would it be a better idea to just add it after the title as in the other examples?

One more queston: the ID3v1 tab. What is that info for?

Let me know what you think about that method I used, am I using the naming system right? Or will it be any troubles?
Will there be any problems when I use the [ brackets in the title fields?

english sub ID3.jpg
english sub meta data dialog.jpg
english sub cd window.jpg

Sorry for the delay, I was on a short trip and delayed by one day because of bad weather.

I don’t know of an easy solution to your question other than adding the additional title info one song at a time after the final WAV files are rendered.

I use [brackets] all the time for certain metadata needs like [bonus track], [2016 Remaster], [Radio Edit] etc.

I personally see no issues with brackets but I mostly use Mac and not Windows which can be a little more fussy about characters. That being said, if the brackets are only in the metadata and not the file name, it should be OK>

Hi Justin,

I just want to get this confirmed. Its not ok to have brackets in the file name? So I can have brackets in the metadata but not in the name of the file that is rendered to the computer? Had no clue about that!

I am also curious about the reason why I shouldnt use brackets in the file name?

I see no problems with brackets in the file names though you never know when there might be a compatibility issues with a program or OS version. For example, if I make a folder of WAV files and one file name as a question mark in it, then I zip the file and send via Dropbox, Windows users will not see the file that has a question mark when they unzip it. Weird things like that can happen.

You certainly can set WaveLab up so the file name has no brackets but the ID3 metadata does. It’s really your preference.

Windows shows the characters which aren’t allowed when you type an illegal one in a file name field:
\ / : * ? " < > | So brackets won’t be an issue.