meta key in keycommands_en.json for windows

Dear users and developers,

what is the meta key in keycommands_en.json for Windows?

  1. ctrl
  • command in macOS
  • control in Windows
  1. alt
  • option in macOS
  • alt in Windows
  1. meta
  • control in macOS
  • ? in Windows

There is no equivalent of the Meta key on Windows. This is a whole extra set of shortcuts that Mac users have access to and that Windows users do not. We do not define any default shortcuts using the Meta key that are expected to work on both platforms for this reason.

What is the META key? I have a project that only opens in full screen - I’ve lost the top drop-down menus and can’t seem to get them back. So, I can’t save this project (the Backup is also the same.)[There seems to be a keyboard full-screen shortcut that is defined as COMMAND + META + F. How do I action this? [I have a Mac mini M1 and one of those cheap, silver keyboards with a numeric pad from Amazon…]

It’s this key.

Typically you should get the top menus back if you take the mouse pointer up to the very top of the screen. And you should certainly be able to save using the global Cmd-S shortcut, or Cmd-Shift-S for Save As.

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Thank you so much for the fast clarification! (I had used the CMD-S/Cmd-Shift-S, but I also needed the full functionality back - sorry, I didn’t explain it well.)