meta normalize

coming from WL6 i am trying to implement similar Meta Normalizer (MN) functionality.
i had the following simple settings in WL6 to achieve quickly in a montage that all clips are brought to the same RMS level by not exceeding -1db peak. this gives me an overview of a montage where all clips have the same “loudness” to compare the sound. the settings in WL6 looked like this:
MetaNorm WL6 B4.jpg
the MN settings:
MetaNorm WL6 1.jpg
and the results:
MetaNorm WL6 after.jpg
i seem to be unable to re-create the same results in the more complex new WL8 MN dialog.
any insights?

You should be able to do the same. What is (not?) happening in WaveLab 8?
One difference, though:
The “Normalize Mix” was done at the clip level in WaveLab 6.
In WaveLab 8, there is this new Master Output section, and the leveling is done at this stage.

that’s what i thought that it “should” be possible.
i tried countless times to recreate the results and didn’t even come close.
the problem seems to be that in the clip field i can NOT choose match quietest clip, which would be the equivalent of the WL6 setting of: Equalize Clip Volume/Equalize RMS/Global and then bring the Master Section Input to -1db.
WL6 seems to process it that it levels all RMS clip averages so the all sound equally “loud” and then attenuates the whole lot so that the highest peak does not exceed -1db.
here is how i tried to re-create the setting in WL8:
WL8 MN match loudest clip.png
but the result is vastly different and does not achieve the WL6 results:
WL8 MN match loudest clip result.png
i tried many configurations without success.
it would be great if you could find a way to achieve this and send me the settings as a picture.

If you want to operate at the clip level, you should at least change this:

didn’t make a blip of a difference.
there seem to be 2 possibilities (providing that i was clear in what i am trying to achieve. but i assume that you have access to WL6 to create the desired results there):
either it is not possible to do this in the modified MN dialog of WL8
or I fundamentally lack an understanding of the parameters of the MN in WL8 that prevents me from achieving the results I want.
in which case i would really appreciate if you could enlighten me on this matter.(i am happy to provide the test montage on dropbox if that helps)
i have spent so much time on this issue now that the latter option would be fine too, as it would allow me to put the matter to rest and stop trying and thinking I am too stupid to figure this out.
please help. thanx.

The Wavelab 8 settings in your first picture above (WL8 MN match loudest clip.png) are correct to emulate the Wavelab 6 method (give or take true peaks, n/a in Wavelab 6, and apparent calculation method slight difference). If you render the entire normalized montages (from 6 and 8) and compare, the result will be close. The difference is that the clips are mostly raised in Wavelab 8, and mostly lowered in Wavelab 6, so the high clip levels generated in Wavelab 8 are level offset later. But the normalized final master section output results from both 6 and 8 should be close.

How do you make all levels the same in a audio track the same using WaveLab Pro 9.5?

@Soldier: Maybe better to ask in the correct (WL 9/9.5) forum section. BTW, what do you mean with ‘all levels’ in one audio ‘track’?

Good Morning! I have a audio preaching cd I’m editing for a radio broadcast. The the pastor’s voice has high and low spots in it. I want to keep the audio at a -6db and make the audio wave smooth through out the audio to one level to prevent the listeners from having to turn their electronic devices up and down to hear. When I used Soundbooth CS5 I used Voice Leveler and Radio Leveler to make the wave smooth keeping it to one level throughout the cd.
I’ve recently upgraded to WL 9.5. Where is the leveler found in WL 9.5? I’ve watched Greg Ondo videos but the video isn’t showing what I want to do.