Meta Normalizer and Audio Montage Question

Is the Meta Normalizer something I should use before I start EQ’ing, mulitband compressing, on each individual track or after I do that?

Do I use it before I place a maximizer on the master section or before?

It’s a bit confusing in that respect what comes first and what comes last? Thanks!

Also are you guys placing things like tap emulation and Maximizing/limiting on each individual track or on the master section so that it applies to all of the track through out? In my case I would be using the UA Ampex ATR-102 plugin then the UA Precision Maximizer.

Better after, so that your effects settings are taken into account. Else, your effect settings will change the loudness balances.

Excellent, thank you Philippe!

If I’m using the Universal Audio Precision Maximizer in the master section, would it better to uncheck both the normalize master section input and master section output?

I’m assuming normalizing (master section input and output) would work against the RMS “meta” normalizing that is being done?

Yes to both questions. Keeping in mind that too much limiting, even by a good limiter, has drawbacks as you might know.

Hehehe yes, definitely aware of that. Thanks for the help Philippe!