Meta normalizer in classical music

Hi! I am the happy owner of WL10 pro for some time now and I am trying to explore its functions.
I am a classical guitarist and I am trying to use meta normalizer in a classical guitar compilation. For the moment the results are not so satisfying. A classical guitar (or generally classical music) compilation may include quiet or loud tracks. So, creating a specific loudness level creates “close” or “distant” sounding tracks ( I hope that description is explanatory) .
So, are there any tips regarding the meta normalizer and classical music, or that function can only be useful on more “consistent” audio material?
Kostas Grigoreas
(guitarist - composer)

I can’t give you an accurate tip, but I see your case, I could encourage you to test the 2nd and 3rd references in the following picture.

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Dear PG, thank you for your quick response! I will try your recommendation. Probably the best I can do is to find an acceptable setting that does the “hard work” and then fine-tune by ear.
BTW congratulations for your excellent software! I think it is by far the best for working on “sensitive” audio material as classical music.
Kostas G

Yes, I think for ANY kind of music, the first option (entire clip) is not a good option, but the 2nd one (seems unique to WaveLab) or the 3rd one should give much more musical results.

I use the 2nd option before starting EVERY “in the box” mastering session in WaveLab to get all the songs on the same page so the loudest moments of each song hits roughly the same level, and then I can fine tune by ear during the actual mastering process.

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Thank you Justin_P!
Kostas G