Meta Normalizer

Hi. I was wondering if the basic functionality of the meta normalizer was the same in the wave lab elements 9.5 as the pro version. I saw the video demonstrating on the Steinberg site but mine does seem to be doing much at all. It’s definitely not making any drastic changes that I would expect considering the wide range of volume between clips. Wondering if my Elements version is holding back?
Thanks in advance for any replies.

In Wavelab Pro, a while back I was having trouble getting the meta normalizer to do anything. Then I discovered It will not work at all if any of the tracks are muted… I don’t know if this will be helpful at all, but hopefully. Good luck.

Try the factory presets. They should work the same in Elements and Pro. And see if you can tell what settings they’re using in the video.

Where is the Meta Normalizer tab found in WL Pro 9.5? WL Pro 9.5 only has Level Normalizer which is not working. The audio has no change after using the Level Normalizer.

You find it here: