Metadata and Scripting stop gap

I read a couple of threads, and think I understand the development team’s position on the “when” of exposing a scripting API. It makes sense.

But exploring from the console - LUA still seems to be LUA which seems right and normal. So… Would it be possible then to document the object/variables Dorico uses for the project’s meta data? We don’t know what you know, but it seems reasonable to expect fields like title, composer, artist, comments, etc. won’t change very much?

The scenario I have it mind is for production music: Execute a LUA script to export the audio, then calling out to an external program like Kid3 cli to auto-update more complete ID3v2.4 metadata in the file, export the meta in a CSV, or embed metadata in the file names so that a Music supervisor can import it into Sound Miner or whatever. The “real scenario” is me not having enough minutes left to meet a deadline :slight_smile:


You can trigger any command that you can execute in the user interface via the existing Lua API, but it’s not documented and nor do we plan to document it until such time as we are willing to say that the API will not change. If you use the scripting capabilities at the moment, you do so at your own risk and in the knowledge that we do not guarantee to maintain compatibility with existing scripts in a future version. I believe your plan will be scuppered in any case by the fact that you can’t confirm a dialog via the Lua API, only trigger the command to show the dialog.

Thanks Daniel, The dialog limitation is small compared to having to update metadata in multiple places.