Metadata date format

The format of the creation date in Wave metadata has changed in 7 to the ISO 8601 format. This is probably a good thing though it is going to require modification of a number of Perl scripts we use to migrate and process files. But one thing that does bug me is that the displayed date format in the Wave attributes window does not reflect how the date will be written to the metadata. For example the attributes window would display 27/06/2011 but write it to the header as 2011-06-27. The same holds true for the BWF origination time. I cannot find a preference to change this behavior.

If you look at the Meta-data tool window display, you will see the date as inside the file meta data, that is, ISO.
In the dialog, the format to edit the date is mapped on the system default preferences, which varies.

So, IMHO it’s ok.

Thanks, One question, you say that the date is mapped to the system preferences however on my systems, both MAC and PC the date in Wavelab is shown in the European format: day/month/year, whereas my system uses the US format: month/day/year. It’s not a big deal but is it possible for me to change the display to the US format?

the date is mapped to the system preference

I was wrong when saying that (speaking about the edit field). Currently, the system preference is not taken into account. I note this as a possible change for the future.