Metadata File External Creation

Does anyone know how to create Metadata files externally and then import them into Wavelab (for larger Projects) I am trying to save time and concentrate on mastering once I’m in my workflow inside Wavelab.

Thanks in advance.

No, and there is no standalone metadata file format that I know.
But this could be a good idea I must say, especially something editable.


PG1, thank your expedient response. I would make perfect sense to be able to create all your metadata files externally before getting in to Wavelab. Mastering your Audio would be done with 100% dedication and concentration.

I wonder if I find my way to Steinberg’s Suggestion box for features and recommend “External Metadata Tool”, would they take it seriously or consider be a bone head for suggesting it in the place?

This is solid feature request. But this does not mean you will get it available in 3 months.

OK, I would like to “officially” make the request, but am not sure where to go and do so. Maybe I should just contact tech support and put it in with them perhaps?

Your request has already been noted (I am the original creator of WaveLab).

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PG1, I had no idea that I am speaking with Royalty. I salute you Sir, and am really appreciative of Wavelab and the work that you do!

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