Metadata for aif files

When I open aif files that contain metadatas they don’t show up in W8, is this normal?
There’s also no way to input any metadata in W8 for aif files, is this normal too?
I know that Wavelab was a windoz only application at a point but this seems to be an important missing feature…
Anyone has the same experience?


Yes, no Metadata support for AIF(F) yet I really hope WL does this some day
even if WAV/BWF is more common now on OSX, but to be compatible with older archive etc

PG ?

regards S-EH

… i cant believe wavelab does not support Aif - Metafiles ! A lot of DJs around the World works with AiF and need Metafiles Information

AIF files do not support Meta-Data, full stop. Nothing to do with Wavelab.
Meta-Data are only allowed on WAV and BWF (Broadcast Wave), and mp3 of course.
If you want Meta-Data, use WAV files that’s simple !!! And from WAV files, meta data could be automatically written in any inherited mp3 files, no need to re-enter them again !!!

AMG, maybe you’re referring to something more specific than what I’m understanding, but AIF has had ID3 metadata since at least 2004. Until recently it was the best way to get ISRC in an uncompressed file because it had a dedicated field. WAV/BWF only recently added that. AIF metadata is supported in iTunes, Audacity, and other programs.