Metadata Inclusion

Can someone direct me to a video or tutorial explaining how to include track titles and other metadata when rendering ‘selected audio range’ or ‘selected title’? I’m trying to avoid rendering an entire montage for a project with singles being added every few weeks and only need to work on and render a single at a time. I want the previous singles accessible for reference monitoring but not for render or export.
Is the only way to do this by rendering the entire montage and having the previous finished work on reference tracks (thereby avoiding them being rendered)?
If there’s a Justin or Ian vid with this subject covered I’d be thankful for a link.

Ok cool.
I kinda was thinking this was what was required but figured it was worth an ask.
Thx for clarity, JP.

Yea, compiling a bunch of singles, which will later be an album, presents a number of organizational hurdles as things proceed over the months to keep the project from getting messy.
I may start using Reaper in these cases, as I used to use Sequoia for similar reasons.
Thanks again!

Single by single seems to be very common and I agree with and use Justin’s approach of one montage per track.

It’s been years since I used Sequo*a but I seem to recall that it did do this sort of thing a little more elegantly.

I too have been doing as Justin suggests. It seems to be the “norm” anymore to release a bunch of singles and then to release all the singles as an album. Not the best way IMHO but more and more artists are doing it. I guess we all just need to “roll with the punches”

Ian Stewart clarified it can be done.

Assuming you’ve created Track Title Start and Track Splice markers, and populated fields in ‘edit CD text’ for the track in question and bind the markers to the clip, metadata will be included in the render. With bound markers, tracks can be moved when sequencing for album purposes down the road without altering individual track timing.

Select ‘Selected Title’ for Render source.
Render Option select ‘Copy Markers’ and ‘Create Audio Montage from Result’.
The render opens in a new montage, ready for various format renders as needed, all album metadata included.

Thanks Ian!

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