MetaData Merge Question

I have a question related to the batch processor.

I had a ton of MP3’s that I derived the metadata during the render from the CD Text information. No problem, however I neglected to properly title the CD text in several cases that affected the title of the MP3. All I wanted to do is retitle the affected MP3’s (about 100 of them).

So, I created a batch process and attempted to fix it by going into the MetaData in the Batch processor, changing just the title, and then attempted to Merge the MetaData as a batch. However, the merge didn’t work as it wouldn’t overwrite the one field that I wanted to overwrite from the inherited metadata. I wanted to keep all the information in each MP3 and overwrite just the MP3 title.

Any advice on a way to do this quickly? I know I probably could have just used an external MP3 Tagger or something, but I feel like there is probably an easy way to do this inside of WaveLab.

I wound up fixing it in each individual montage and re-rendering it. I just feel like there is a better way.

Retitle where? In what metadata format?
In WaveLab 9.5, it is possible to assign source meta data field to new data field.