Metadata Required from Premiere EDL for Successful Reconform

Hello, all. Thank you in advance for any help or advice.

TL;DR: I need specific metadata requirements to communicate to my editor for EDL export. If not that, I need an alternative to Nuendo’s Reconform function.

I have recently worked on a large video project which required a high number of edits for conforming. My editor uses Premiere, and so I collaborated with him for EDLs. Unfortunately, we were unable to get Nuendo’s Reconform to process due to multiple errors between the two EDLs. This was after we also considered and removed any fades and speed changes. This being the case, we had to conform manually, which is undesirable and time consuming.
Being that we are in pre-production for the next project, we would like to avoid this time-consuming problem.

Given the finicky nature of Reconform, I have two questions:
1). What metadata requirements should I communicate to my editor to ensure proper data from the cameras, Premiere, and EDLs?
2). Are there other 3rd party solutions for Nuendo worth exploring?

Your input is appreciated.

I have the same question.

demo edl

Yeah, Premiere mostly means troubles.
And not only with Nuendo …

Here’s some information about Premiere EDL’s.

If you can’t get it working properly then your only solution is either Ediload EdiLoad - The Sound Editor's Workflow Toolkit or Matchbox The Cargo Cult.


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Copy that. I appreciate the input and resources. I have been considering Matchbox, but I will have to look into EdiLoad as well.


I haven’t used Ediload, but I can highly recommend Matchbox, it has really changed my life.