Just a question.
I find the Metadata window in Wavelab (10) rather twisted, the edit button does not have a single position, to recall the project of an album and then write the title you have to do some km up the screen, wouldn’t it be possible to simplify the procedure?
Type of data related to the album, easy to insert the first time and can be recalled without scrolling the relative insertion window.
Thank you!

Metadata entry does seem like you’re at coding level rather than end user level. That being said, in the Facebook WaveLab users group, I recently did a thread about how I navigate metadata entry in WaveLab and how it can be pretty much automatic. The only reason I need to open the metadata Tab in the montage is to add the project specific artwork, but never for any other data which can be automatically populated from easily entered CD-Text.

Metadata workflow is a big reason why I choose to use WaveLab over other mastering programs, even if it’s not super obvious how effective it can be.