Metagrid Pro - control VST FX - best way?

Hey Everyone!

Just got Metagrid Pro and I’m setting up a bunch of control scenes.

I’m new to setting up controllers so I’ve been just figuring things out.

I set up the VST quick controls but they don’t control VST FX.

I can use the Generic Remote to set up it to control the FX as VST Mixer/Selected/Insert. But some FX plug-ins only have a few parameters available and some have tons.

So, I was thinking of finding the VST FX that has the most parameters (maybe Neoverb) and setting that up.

But I guess I was wondering if there’s a better way. Metagrid Pro isn’t working with Midi Remote (they said they would work on it).

I noticed that there is a Remote Control Editor. Is there an easy way to use that to set up Metagrid Pro Faders/Buttons?

Also, wondering if there’s a good way to cycle through presets. Some of the VSTs have it is a parameter and others don’t.


As of last week, I don’t believe Przemek even has a copy of C12 at this point, so there is no guide for both Metagrid and Metagrid Pro for integration with the C12 MIDI remote.

A tutorial for MIDI remote is something he needs to do soon for existing Metagrid and new Metagrid Pro users, so be patient.

The above is addressed at the Metagrid forum.