MetaGrid to MetaGrid Pro migration?

Has anyone transitioned from regular Metagrid to Pro? Is it possible to migrate my existing grids over? I’d rather not have to recreate them all.

Does Pro still use Generic Remotes to talk to Cubase?

Trying to figure out the tradeoff of new capabilities vs. maintaining what I’ve got.


Is it possible to migrate my existing grids over? I’d rather not have to recreate them all.

Yes, via backup/share you can get your old grids on the new system and they work.
Metagrid Pro has a more versatile layout and I found my old grid resulted in uneven grid on the Pro so that some buttons are wider than others. Seems to be a different scaling of buttons and it does its best to fit. Will depend on your original grid layout. That said everything worked.

Does Pro still use Generic Remotes to talk to Cubase?
Yes, works in the same way. Though with the new CC faders, layout, etc you could do more.



Any downsides?

Just the layout tweak required - but you’ll probably wide up doing those anyway because the Pro version adds a lot more customisation.

I just noticed they have 1.0.5 beta for those in the beta program and it has a new "current channel’ bidirectional capability. The sample looks a bit like a CC121 (close, not quite). lots of channel controls… you can do a lot more in Pro.

Thanks. Guess it needs to go on the to-do list

metasystem just put up a new video on their youtube channel showing the new “current channel bidrectional capability”. Looks great.

This is the golden question at least for myself. Generic Remotes will eventually be history. I have posted this issue at the Metagrid forum.

I have hundreds of commands in just Generic Remote 3, not to mention the Metagrid provided commands in Remotes 1 and 2. I’ll assume eventually there will be tutorials to cover this, but so far nothing.

How will all these hundreds of commands be converted to the new C12 MIDI remote?

Whatta hell? I just bought iPad only for use with Cubase and Nuendo and now Steinberg gonna ditch functionalty? Disappointment after another it seems…

Im confident the generic remotes wont vanish until something else takes the functional place. There is too much at stake to simply remove them considering all the different uses.

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Same. Steinberg’s own CMC controllers use the Generic Remote. I think the retirement announcement was more about saying don’t make new stuff using Generic Remotes anymore and start using MIDI Remotes instead.

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Has anyone good advice how to setup Metagrid Pro smart way now? Little bit confusing how to do it right at first try.
Also I do not wanna “develop” or make from beginning all, but maybe edit some ready Metagrid Pro sets for Cubase. Intrested mostly MIDI editing possibilities with it.

Just got iPad yesterday and bought Metagrid Pro and briefly tested that it connects and works. I made some settings to “Generic Remote” and got Sample Grid working on pad.


I’d suggest using the existing MetaGrid pro templates for Cubase as supplied. There is one biased toward editing, another for SelectedChannel control.
After that it really depends on your workflow and other controllers. Personally I set up an additional grid for controlling visibility of various tracks and layouts (e.g. track zoom, or articulations on/off). Mostly I just try to pay attention to how I’m working and if I find myself repeatedly doing the same thing I make a button in MetaGrid for it (like trying to find the string in my 100 track template).

Regarding the concerns about MetaGrid and Generic Remote vs MIDI Remote. Having spent sometime scripting in detail a MIDI Remote for the Icon Platform M+ I am very confident that MetaGrid’s Generic Remote configuration can not only be replicated now but improved upon with if new features are implemented in MetaGrid to exploit Midi Remote (specifically, simplify some of the awkward editing because midi remote provides better mapping control and the potential to have buttons on MetaGrid change labels based on things like Quick Control Name - both of which require programming in MetaGrid but Midi Remote provides a way to access this information now that Generic Remote didn’t). No doubt the developers of MetaGrid are pondering such developments in the background - I’ve been considering way to do this myself!


Thanks everyone. Got it all working. This is gonna speed up my MIDI mangling a lot. :sunglasses:

Does it work with nuendo?