Metagrid users -- a question for you with Cubase.

I’ve decided to do the Metagrid thing… after seeing the videos for what it can do for huge composer setups, it’s a no-brainer for me. I wish it worked on Android or Windows tablets, but that’s not in the works, they told me.

My question is this: I’m not sure whether I should get the 10.5" or 12.9" iPad Pro (unfortunately I have absolutely no need for or a desire to spend Apple’s outrageously inflated price for an iPad other than this, but c’est la vie). I’ve seen both but can’t test Metagrid on them in the store, obviously. The 12.9" seems gigantic, with the advantage of being able to fit more on the screen, but the 10.5" seems like it might be easier to navigate and access with all of the buttons.

I’d love to hear from from people who have either, or ideally have experience with both.

Never heard of that app until now. The website has a Windows download, so you might look at Windows-based tablets as an option. I love my Surface, but that’s more expensive than an iPad. There are cheaper Windows alternatives, but I haven’t looked into them. Also if you go the Windows route and get a tablet with a stylus you could also use StaffPad (if that’s of any interest to you).

I emailed them about that, and the App is only for iOS unfortunately. The Windows download is for the driver/server, which works on both Mac and Windows, but not the Metagrid app itself.

There’s another thread here. You could add your question there and hopefully the people on the thread will answer.

I very occasionally use an iPhone for remote control (OSC type app) and I’ve had my eye on the iPadPro for ages, but TBH it’s always the cost that has stopped me, even 2nd hand!!


Thanks Mike.

Yeah, Apple is an embarrassing joke with their pricing…and I’m a Mac user!

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